Monday, November 01, 2010

More Exciting Porridge

You will definitely need:
* Oats
* Salt

You might also want some combination of this stuff:
* brown sugar or honey or maple syrup
* milk of your choice (soy for me!)
* fruit for stewing. I like a mix of: apples, rhubarb, pear.
* prunes or sultanas (I like sultanas).
* spices: ground cinnamon and cloves are delicious.

First: cut the fruit up. Thinnish slices are good.
Next: put the fruit into a pot with a little bit of water in the bottom. Sprinkle with brown water and spices. Turn the heat on low. Check that it's not burning now and then. You can add the sultanas now, or at the end if you prefer them to be firm. The fruit is ready when it's soft and delicious.
Meanwhile: while the fruit is cooking, make your oats, according to the directions on the packet. Oats are nice with a little milk and some salt.
Finally: put your delicious stewed fruit mix on top of the oats. Put it in your face!

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