Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nacho nacho man

superduper lots of nacho mix for when you're feeling tired and in need of irons.

* 500g of beef mince (or more if your'e feeling particularly meaty - just use less vegetable or elseyou'll have nachos for a month)
* one small zucchini (or half a big one)
* one small - medium sized capsicum (doesn't matter what colour)
* one onion
* two or three tomatoes or one tin of diced tomatos
* one or two tins of three or four bean mix, depending on just how big and beany you want it
* some tomato paste
* quarter teaspoon ground cinnamon
* half teaspoon ground nutmeg
* tablespoon of cumin powder (i need a fair bit of cumin power)
* quarter - half a teaspoon of paprika
* as much cayenne pepper and/or chili as you're into
* half a teaspoon of dried oregano is also nice sometimes
* quite a bit of parsley - helps mute the digestory effects of the onion and beans, and it won't alter the taste too much
* bit of oil
* condiments - salsa, jalapenos, sour cream, cheese, refried beans, whatever

1. cut up the onion into smallish pieces - pretty much however big you want the onion to be when you find it in the final product.
2. start sweating the onions in a little oil in a big pot (soup pot or the like). when about half done, chuck in the mince and turn the burner down to medium low so that you can go off and do other things and it doesn't burn. stir it around a bit to loosen the mince up.
3. dice one tomato into quite small bits and stir it into the onion meat mix. by now, there should be a bit of juice happening in the pot.
4. start putting the spices in. you can alter the amounts, cuz it'll start smelling super good right about now, so you'll know when you've hit the right combination. be very sparing with the cinnamon though, otherwise it turns into nacho doughnuts.
5. cut up the res tof the tomatoes, zucchini, capsicum, mushrooms, and any other vegetables you've decided to add. cut 'em up pretty small.
6. when you can't see any pink in the meat, you can start adding more stuff. add the tomato paste (like, a table spoon and a half? one or two scoops, anyway) and remaining tomatoes, then add the zucchini first, then the capsicum. hold off on the mushrooms for now.
7. drain and wash the beans. add them around the same time as the zucchini and capsicum. stir it all about, cuz it's getting to the stage where it'll start wanting to catch on the bottom.
8. turn the heat up as far as you can handle it. if you're going to wander off and do other things, keep it down to simmer by itself. if you're going to stare at it and stir it, you can turn it right up. just make sure it's not burning on the bottom.
9. when it's looking just about ready, chuck the mushrooms in (and chopped parsley, if you're using fresh rather than dried parsley). keep cooking and stirring until the mushrooms are done enough for you.
10. serve with corn chips, cheese, salsa, jalapeno chilis, and sour cream. good with beer and british comedy.

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