Sunday, January 25, 2009

Apple Muse

Taken from here ( and the amounts of ingredients totally made up.

* about 5 medium sized Granny Smith apples
* 1 lot of almond milk (but I added maybe another half a cup of almond meal to it to thicken it up a bit)
* maybe a cup of breadcrumbs
* maybe a table spoon of honey
* a bit of saffron

Do it!:
* peel, core, and slice the apples.
* stew the apples in a pot with some water (and a little bit of sugar if you want) until ready to get mushy.
* mush the apple up into goo.
* add all of the other ingredients.
* slowly heat through on a low heat, stirring fairly often. This baby catches on the bottom pretty quick.

* serve with a mix of spices on top. This is apparently a starter type soup, but it's pretty thick and hearty.

[Edit: Man, what the heck? It seems like a nice wintery breakfast or a nice desert with some icecream. Perhaps more apple involved would be a good idea, and no sugar at all to keep it from being too sweet. Maybe even tarter apples.]

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