Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ultimate Break Up Treat


* More potatoes than you think are strictly necessary,
* An onion or two,
* More mushrooms than you think are strictly necessary,
* More butter than you think is strictly necessary,
* Some of slices of bread/Some breadcrumbs,
* Some delicious melty cheese

What To Do:
* Peel and boil them potatoes like nobody's business.
* Sautee the onions until they start going clear, then add the mushrooms and lightly cook them.
* Mash up the potatoes when they are soft. Put the mashed potato into a big baking dish.
* Mix through the onion and mushroom concoction.
* Either grate the cheese, OR, if you are lazy or fragile, dice the cheese. Mix the grated cheese through the potatoonionmushroom mush, or poke the cubular cheese in strategically.
* Foodprocess up yourself some tasty breadcrumbs. Put a good layer of breadcrumbs on top of all the other mush.
* Melt some butter (much more than you think you should), and drizzle on the breadcrumbs.
* Cook in an oven on some heat until the breadcrumbs go crunchy and awesome.
* Munch it down.

You are cured! Right? Right?!

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