Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rhubarb and Coconut Cake

one and a half cups self-raising flour
one and a quarter cups caster sugar (or brown sugar)
one and a quarter cups desiccated coconut (shredded is fine)
125g butter, melted
three eggs, beaten lightly
half a cup of milk
half a teaspoon vanilla extract
one cup finely chopped rhubarb
a few stalks of rhubarb and two tablespoons demerara sugar, for decoration

One: preheat the oven, and grease a loaf pan or cake tin.
Two: Combine flour, caster sugar and coconut, then mix in butter, eggs, milk, and vanilla extract.
Three: Spread half of the cake mixture in the pan,sprinkle evenly with chopped rhubarb, then add the remaining mixture.
Four: Layer the top of the cake with rhubarb stalks and sprinkle with demerara sugar.
Five: Bake at a low heat (around 100C) for about one and a half hours.

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